Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Gears of War Beanie

Yes okay ... this is not exactly a Teeny Dude, but it fits into the Xbox and Geek categories so it's going in here too. My 4yr old is OBSESSED with drawing this symbol from Gears of War, so i fed it thru knitPro then doctored it into only 2 colours to create the chart (in this case all the white stitches are knitted black but i wasnt going to floodfill EVERY box)

Cooey the Pigeon


Pattern by Deadly Knitshade in the book Stitch London

parachute for mini soldiers

need ... a square of fabric, 2 lengths of wool (about 2 times the diagonal) a darning needle and a wee plastic soldier dude

using needle and wool poke a hole on the diagonal and tie the ends secure

repeat on other diagonal

find center of the 2 bits of wool and hold together, tie a knot leaving a wee loop to fit a soldier in

pop in the soldier dude

imagine wee soldier dude is now a paratrooper

Venom and Spiderman



Patrick Starfish