Sunday, 16 December 2012

2 more Yoshis

Yup, Xmas has come round again. These are in pink and scotland colours for the BIL to give to a wee boy and girl.

More pics will be coming soon of the other things i've been busy making :D

Thursday, 22 November 2012


The Very Hungry Caterpiller, a Ladybird and a Boobie Beanie ... all for the Tenny Dudette a friend is cooking, due on or around Xmas Eve. Hopefully get patterns for these sorted out soon.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Another one of those had to make patterns.
Pattern can be found at overthebifrost and please look at the rest of the tumblr site cos pocket Loki gets up to a lot of mischief.
I have the helmet half done. Will update pics when it's complete and with spear thingy

Matt Smith / 11th Doctor

Been dying to make this one for AGES and the start of the new series inspired me :D

pattern can be found via Ravelry

ssshhhh... don't let Teddy know he was almost replaced for a short while (and excuse the mess in the background, my boys hurricane the toyroom every day)

Friday, 21 September 2012

Brians Baffies

Baffie is scottish slang for slippers.
My youngest decided he wanted new slippers and they had to be orange and he needed to wear them in bed ... tall order wee man.
So i had a quick nosy and thought Feck it i'll make my own up.
Big hook and double DK wool for speed and here they are. After making these orange ones the older one decided he wanted some too, only in red. No problem, time to run thru the pattern again. Funny thing is that even though there is 16 months between them (Feb 07 and June 08) they have EXACTLY the same foot size (6.5inch long and 7inch around the toejoin).
So this pattern is currently only for a UK kids size 10 to 10.5 for the moment, and with a bit of info from some friends I'll hopefully get other sizes sorted
Until then add or subtract a stitch or two or row or two to get a size to fit and please comment cos any other sizes help would be great :D. Feel free to ask and I could give a guestimate, much better to test on little feeties to be sure as it's easy to add an extra row at the back to make them longer.
The baffies are worked in the amigurumi style of a spiral (work into next stitch without slipping to join row and no chainup to next) to the opening, then back and forth so only a back seam to sew
5.5mm crochet hook, Double Knitting Yarn in either 2 shades, or 1 shade held together, large eyed needle for sewing up. worked in sc (american single crochet or uk double crochet)
HOW   make 2 identical
Holding 2 strands together chain 2
Work 8sc into the 2nd chain from hook
Increase in each stitch - 16sc
work (1sc, increase) around - 24sc
Work 14 rounds straight on the 24 stitches.
NR - chain 1 turn, work 22sc (leaves 2sc on previous round unworked), chain 1 turn
NR - sc along the 22 stitches, chain 1 turn
work last row a further 6 times (total of 8 rows worked flat)
NR - work 8 sc, decrease, 2 sc, decrease, 8sc - 20sc
NR - work 8sc, decrease, decrease, 8sc - 18sc
NR - work 7sc, decrease, decrease, 7sc - 16sc ... fasten off leaving a long thread to close seam.
fold back seam in half and sew the two sides together to make the back seam. neaten all ends.
It should look similar to this
Make another exactly the same and you should have this

Pop them onto little feeties like this

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn from Batman.

This little ladys pattern is gonna be a must write.

In fact I might actually need to get another "page" on this blog so the patterns are easier to find

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Pirate a la Captain Jack style

The pictures really say it all for this one :D

Milly and Molly

Inspired by the Milly,Molly series of books and on TV. These are being adopted by a friends wee girl. If you look at the cover of Milly and Molly's Monday you'll see where these came from.

Dolls are my own pattern... I will get it written up soon (ish) :D

The cats are a free pattern by Linda Dawkins and can be found via Ravelry

Friday, 29 June 2012


This dude was actually finished 12 days ago ... naughty me forgot to post (again)

Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Queen


*opens door*

"Oh my ... Hello Your Majesty, of COURSE you can come in"

A wee trip to Asda... it now has royal approval

evening meal with Brian... he was such a gentleman

the corgis needed a belly rub after the huge feast they had

running late for the boat the clever use of a skateboard and 8tlp (teeny leg power)

Made it to the Flotilla... *waves back to The Queen*

Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Collection so far

WOW ... i've been busy

must make Thor, and Hawkeye, and Black Widow, and Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn, and The Joker and........ :D

EDF dude

The wee orage dancing dude from the EDF commercials

cue Hawaii 5-0 music ... or Electric Dreams ... great adverts

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Yeah it's been a wee while since any Star Wars dudes... so here's C3P0. Sorry for the bright flash but that is all my camera would take clear in the lighting (darned scattish rainy weather)

Amazing what returns to mind when you get a colour you've been looking for for a while ... many thanks to Sheila from Deramores CS department :D

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Incredible Hulk

Yeah he is a BIT bigger than the rest, but that's cos he should be :D

I think next time I'll make the feet and legs a bit chunkier too... he kinda got a bit out of hand... but Brian loves him so that's all that matters really

Monday, 7 May 2012

Iron Man

Latest addition to the list is Iron Man

so the hero collection so far is thus, next is the hulk

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Robin the Boy Wonder

Batmans Sidekick.

I must get a pettern for these sorted soon

Riddler inspired Toddler Mitts Free Pattern

I do love toddler mitts... a pair can be whizzed up in less than a couple of hours and no shaping needed. If you can do the basics these are easy peasy. For a one colour set follow the stitch count, ribbing and stocking stitch plain for the 16 rows the colourwork in the pattern below. Please note the instrusctions about where to start the colourwork, this will ensure the details are on the back of the hands.


4mm straight needles
Double Knitting Yarn in green and black,
(about 15grams green and 3 or 4 yards maximum of black, I havnt measured exact but it's very little of each)
the "?" chart below
tapestry needle


make 2, 1 with pattern at start of row, 1 with pattern starting 1/2 way along as described below

 using green cast on 32 sts

work K1,P1 rib for 12 rows
Purl 1 row (this gives a "clean" edge before the colourwork)
beginning with a K row work in stocking stitch for 16 rows working the "?" in black, twisting yarn behind work to prevent holes.

for the left hand work row 1 of the chart from the start of the row ... eg k7green, 2 black, k green to end. this will position the ? on the back of the hand when sewn up

for the right hand k 16 green, then work the 16sts of colourwork ... eg k23 (16+7) green, 2 black, k green to end. this will position the ? on the other side of the mitt and therefore will also be on the back of the hand when sewn up

the colourwork ends on a K row so again to keep a clean edge between the colourwork and the rib...

P 1 row

work a further 8 rows of K1,P1 rib, cast off in rib

Sew in the contrast ends neatly, then join the side seams leaving a gap of around6 or 7 rows for the thumb. I find starting the gap about 3 or 4 rows of stocking stitch down from the fingers end works quite well. See picture below for a visual description

Finally pop them on. I have them pictured below on my nearly 4yr old, they are quite stretchy so I would imagine they would fit up to at least 6, maybe a bit older. They can easily be made a little wider by adding a couple of stitches or upping the needle size... for example a 5mm needle using 36sts will fit a adult female hand. Also for a little longer and extra row or two on either rib band or on the plain stocking stitch rows.

Remember when adding on stitches this will change the position of the colourwork, please account for that as evenly as you can  ... eg if working on 36sts there is 18sts on each side, so add 1 stitch on either side of the chart

Please link to Ravelry if you make some...thanks :D

BASIC PATTERN with some size examples

X= whatever number of stitches YOU need it to be depending on varying factors of hand circumference and needle size. If unsure make a quick tension square to check.

Cast on 32/34/36/X sts on 4/5mm needles
work 12 rows 1x1rib
work 18/22/24/X rows stocking stitch
work 8 more rows 1x1rib

Monday, 23 April 2012

Halo Plasma Grenade Free Pattern


3mm hook
dark blue DK yarn for main ball
red/rust/dark orange yarn for contrast piece
green yarn for embroidery
toy stuffing
tapestry needle

sc :- single crochet (us) or double crochet (uk)
inc :- work 2 sc in the sc of the round below
dec :- work 2 sc together of the round below
Worked in spirals, ie place marker and work in next sc, do not slip to join round and chain up to next

main grenade ball

1. using dark blue chain 2 , 6sc in 2nd chain from hook
2. (inc) to end - 12sc
3. (1sc, inc) to end - 18sc
4. (2sc, inc) to end - 24sc
5. (3sc, inc) to end - 30sc
6. (4sc, inc) to end - 36sc
7. (5sc, inc) to end - 42sc
8. (6sc, inc) to end - 48sc
9. to 20. work 12 rounds straight
21. (6sc, dec) to end - 42sc
22. (5sc, dec) to end - 36sc
23. (4sc, dec) to end - 30sc
24. (3sc, dec) to end - 24sc
25. (2sc, dec) to end - 18sc
26. (1sc, dec) to end - 12sc ... stuff ball with enough filling to hold a ball shape
27. (dec) to end - 6sc
break yarn leaving a long end. thread end through the remaining 6sc and pull tight to close the hole. sew ends through ball and snip close to work.

contrast piece

1. using red/rust/dark orange chain 12
2. sc in 2nd chain from hook, then sc in the next 9 chain. work 3sc in the last chain then turn work upside down and work in the unused loops of the chain, work 9sc along chain and 2sc in the last loop (this was the 1st sc of the round) - 24sc. place marker
3. inc, work 9 sc, inc, 1sc, inc, work 9sc, inc, 1sc - 28sc
4. 1sc, inc, 9sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 9sc, inc, 1sc, inc - 34sc
5. inc, 1sc, inc, 9sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 9sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 1sc - 42sc
6. slip stitch into next sc to close and fasten off leaving a long thread to sew to main piece

pin contrast section to main ball around the middle, it should go about 1/4 around the widest part and sew in place.

Now comes the interesting part. I took the green embroidery inspiration from the Halo 3 grenade pictures shown on but there are a few different varieties over the games, some easier to sew than others. Choose what you feel happiest with, or go with whatever game of the franchise you (or the recipent) raves about most. Remember the 4 wee lights at either side as well as in the pic below.

Your finished plasma grenade is a little smaller and lighter than the one Master Chief himself would use, but please only fling these at people who are expecting them and not near anything breakable, they may not go BOOM but they could still hurt and break ... thank you :D

As always if you do make one I would love it if you could link it on Ravelry ... thank you.
I am in no way affiliated with Xbox, Halo, Bungie or 343 ... this is just a little freebie fan art :D

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Tooka Doll

Knitted Tooka doll based on Numa the Twi’leks doll from The Clone Wars episode “Innocents of Ryloth”

The prototype pattern I made in the original purple and can be seen lower down the page. The arms and "ears" were a wee bit long, so sorted that for this final pattern.

Pattern can be found on Ravelry

 Picture from HERE

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Cockroach Free Pattern

The original inspiration for this was Spawn 2s love of the wee bug that was Wall-Es friend in the film ... he's terrified of anything other than ants, but loves this :D. It's pretty much any yarn with a hook a little smaller than the suggested to help prevent the stuffing showing through. The one in the pictures was done using chunky wool (about 20g of yarn i think) and a 4mm hook, but I've also done a Double Knitting (about 15g) version using a 3mm hook ... tension isnt really important for this. Anyway, freebie pattern time...


Oddments of bug coloured yarn
crochet hook a size smaller than yarn suggests (see above)
a yard of black yarn for eyes/mouth embroidery (or beads for eyes if not for a small child)
a little filling
tapestry needle


worked in american terms... eg single crochet on this pattern is a UK/Aus double crochet. Worked in a spiral, ie do not slip join rounds or chain to next row, continue in next stitch, a row marker is helpful to define round start point.


starting at head end

 1. Chain 2, work 6 sc into 2nd chain from hook
 2. (inc,inc,sc) twice - 10sc
 3. (sc, inc, sc, inc, sc) twice - 14sc
 4. to 7. work 4 rounds straight (ie 1sc into each sc)
 8. inc in each of the next 4 sc, sc to end - 18sc
 9. work 1 round
10. (inc, inc, work 7sc) twice - 22sc
11. to 18. work 8 rounds straight on these 22sc
19. work 1sc, (dec, work 3sc) to last sc, work 1 - 18sc
20. (dec, work 4sc) to end - 15sc
21. (dec, work 3sc) to end - 12sc ... stuff now for ease
22. (dec, work 2sc) to end - 9sc
23. work dec 4 times, sc in final sc - 5sc
fasten off leaving a thread for closing. push in a little more filling if needed, thread yarn through the stitches  and pull tight to close hole

wings make 2 starting at tip

 1. chain 2, work 4sc in 2nd chain from hook
 2. (inc, sc,) twice - 6sc
 3. work 1 round straight
 4. (2sc, inc) twice - 8sc
 5. (3sc, inc) twice - 10sc
 6. (4sc, inc) twice - 12sc
 7. to 14. work 8 rounds straight
15. (sc, dec) to end - 8sc
16. (sc, sc, dec) twice - 6sc
fasten off leaving a long thread to attach to body. do not stuff, flatten wing and pin in place on back behind "bump" made by the increases on row 8 of body. I sit them on so the very tips are slightly separate, attach behind head and secure in placewith a couple of stitches about 3-4 rows down the wing, this way they dont flap about too loosely.

sew on the face leaving at least 2 rows between the wings and the eyes to allow for feeler placement. loads of artistic license here to do what you feels looks best. As mine was for a 3yr old I gave him a smile :D

feelers make 2

chain 14, slip stitch into 2nd chain from hook then slipstitch into every other chain, fasten off leaving long thread to attach to head. Sew to head between the wings and eyes ... point them forward or back as you see fit. I positioned mine forwards.

legs make 6

chain 9, slip stitch into 2nd chain from hook then slipstitch into every other chain, fasten off leaving long thread to attach to body. Turn bug upside down and for ease mark center line with a pin (optional, you can use your own eye judgement if you want) ... attach 3 legs to either side of the center line as shown in the picture below

Sew any loose ends you may still have thru the body and snip off neatly, and ta-da finished bug

Hand to happy recipient

Pattern page can be found on Ravelry ... if you make one I would love it if you could link it.
Thank you xxx