Sunday, 16 December 2012

2 more Yoshis

Yup, Xmas has come round again. These are in pink and scotland colours for the BIL to give to a wee boy and girl.

More pics will be coming soon of the other things i've been busy making :D


  1. Yoshi is one of my favorite video game characters! Yours came out adorable. I responded to your comment at my blog which I noticed only after I had already peeked at your profile and blog when I noticed you had put some of my patterns in your queue on Ravelry! LOL. Seeing all your neat little crocheted dudes over here makes me especially flattered that you chose to do some of my patterns! :) Thanks for reaching out and commenting. I love interacting with such talented crocheters I'm meeting!

    1. and MANY thanks to you for taking the time to write the patterns up ... having done a few myself I know the challenge of making whatever you have done understandable to another person :D