Friday, 21 September 2012

Brians Baffies

Baffie is scottish slang for slippers.
My youngest decided he wanted new slippers and they had to be orange and he needed to wear them in bed ... tall order wee man.
So i had a quick nosy and thought Feck it i'll make my own up.
Big hook and double DK wool for speed and here they are. After making these orange ones the older one decided he wanted some too, only in red. No problem, time to run thru the pattern again. Funny thing is that even though there is 16 months between them (Feb 07 and June 08) they have EXACTLY the same foot size (6.5inch long and 7inch around the toejoin).
So this pattern is currently only for a UK kids size 10 to 10.5 for the moment, and with a bit of info from some friends I'll hopefully get other sizes sorted
Until then add or subtract a stitch or two or row or two to get a size to fit and please comment cos any other sizes help would be great :D. Feel free to ask and I could give a guestimate, much better to test on little feeties to be sure as it's easy to add an extra row at the back to make them longer.
The baffies are worked in the amigurumi style of a spiral (work into next stitch without slipping to join row and no chainup to next) to the opening, then back and forth so only a back seam to sew
5.5mm crochet hook, Double Knitting Yarn in either 2 shades, or 1 shade held together, large eyed needle for sewing up. worked in sc (american single crochet or uk double crochet)
HOW   make 2 identical
Holding 2 strands together chain 2
Work 8sc into the 2nd chain from hook
Increase in each stitch - 16sc
work (1sc, increase) around - 24sc
Work 14 rounds straight on the 24 stitches.
NR - chain 1 turn, work 22sc (leaves 2sc on previous round unworked), chain 1 turn
NR - sc along the 22 stitches, chain 1 turn
work last row a further 6 times (total of 8 rows worked flat)
NR - work 8 sc, decrease, 2 sc, decrease, 8sc - 20sc
NR - work 8sc, decrease, decrease, 8sc - 18sc
NR - work 7sc, decrease, decrease, 7sc - 16sc ... fasten off leaving a long thread to close seam.
fold back seam in half and sew the two sides together to make the back seam. neaten all ends.
It should look similar to this
Make another exactly the same and you should have this

Pop them onto little feeties like this