Monday, 23 April 2012

Halo Plasma Grenade Free Pattern


3mm hook
dark blue DK yarn for main ball
red/rust/dark orange yarn for contrast piece
green yarn for embroidery
toy stuffing
tapestry needle

sc :- single crochet (us) or double crochet (uk)
inc :- work 2 sc in the sc of the round below
dec :- work 2 sc together of the round below
Worked in spirals, ie place marker and work in next sc, do not slip to join round and chain up to next

main grenade ball

1. using dark blue chain 2 , 6sc in 2nd chain from hook
2. (inc) to end - 12sc
3. (1sc, inc) to end - 18sc
4. (2sc, inc) to end - 24sc
5. (3sc, inc) to end - 30sc
6. (4sc, inc) to end - 36sc
7. (5sc, inc) to end - 42sc
8. (6sc, inc) to end - 48sc
9. to 20. work 12 rounds straight
21. (6sc, dec) to end - 42sc
22. (5sc, dec) to end - 36sc
23. (4sc, dec) to end - 30sc
24. (3sc, dec) to end - 24sc
25. (2sc, dec) to end - 18sc
26. (1sc, dec) to end - 12sc ... stuff ball with enough filling to hold a ball shape
27. (dec) to end - 6sc
break yarn leaving a long end. thread end through the remaining 6sc and pull tight to close the hole. sew ends through ball and snip close to work.

contrast piece

1. using red/rust/dark orange chain 12
2. sc in 2nd chain from hook, then sc in the next 9 chain. work 3sc in the last chain then turn work upside down and work in the unused loops of the chain, work 9sc along chain and 2sc in the last loop (this was the 1st sc of the round) - 24sc. place marker
3. inc, work 9 sc, inc, 1sc, inc, work 9sc, inc, 1sc - 28sc
4. 1sc, inc, 9sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 9sc, inc, 1sc, inc - 34sc
5. inc, 1sc, inc, 9sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 9sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 1sc - 42sc
6. slip stitch into next sc to close and fasten off leaving a long thread to sew to main piece

pin contrast section to main ball around the middle, it should go about 1/4 around the widest part and sew in place.

Now comes the interesting part. I took the green embroidery inspiration from the Halo 3 grenade pictures shown on but there are a few different varieties over the games, some easier to sew than others. Choose what you feel happiest with, or go with whatever game of the franchise you (or the recipent) raves about most. Remember the 4 wee lights at either side as well as in the pic below.

Your finished plasma grenade is a little smaller and lighter than the one Master Chief himself would use, but please only fling these at people who are expecting them and not near anything breakable, they may not go BOOM but they could still hurt and break ... thank you :D

As always if you do make one I would love it if you could link it on Ravelry ... thank you.
I am in no way affiliated with Xbox, Halo, Bungie or 343 ... this is just a little freebie fan art :D

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