Monday, 16 April 2012

Fez free pattern

3mm crochet hook
double knit white wool
tiny amounts of black, pink, red and yellow DK for details
tapestry needle and scissors

all instructions are written in american terms ... eg an american single crochet is a uk/australian double crochet and worked in the spiral (do not join round or chain to next round)


starting at legs

  1. chain 2, work 5sc in loop
  2. increase in each sc - 10sc
  3. work 3 rounds on these 10 sc
  4. fasten off
  5. follow steps 1. to 3. to make another leg... do not fasten off
  6. work 3 chain (this will make the space between the legs) then starting where you fastened off on the 1st leg work the 10 sc around till you get back to the chain. Working along the chain do 2sc in the 1st ch, 1sc in the 2nd chain and 2sc in the 3rd chain, then continue around the 2nd legs 10 sc, then repeating the increases on the unworked loops of the chain work 2sc in the 1st loop, 1sc in the 2nd and 2 sc in the 3rd loop. you should now have 30sc in the round (2x10 from each leg and 2x5 in each space). place marker to identify rounds here
  7. work 11 rounds of sc on the 30 sc
  8. (work 1sc, 2sc together) around - 20sc ... stuff body now for ease
  9. (work 2sc together) around - 10sc
  10. work 1 round through front loops only (makes the neck)
  11. work 1 round through both loops
  12. fasten off and stuff neck

  1. Chain 21
  2. sc in 2nd chain from hook to last ch, work 3 sc in last chain, turn work upside down,work 18sc in the unused loops on the other side of the chain, then 2sc in the last ch - 42sc
  3. work 10 rounds on these 42sc
  4. flatten work to find the corners and mark them with stitch markers or a bit of coloured wool. work sc around until you get 1sc away from the marker, work a 3scdecrease then continue to 1sc away from 2nd marker and work another 3scdec. complete the round and fasten off leaving a long thread

    Arms (make 2)
    1. chain 2, 5sc in 2nd chain
    2. increase in each sc - 10sc
    3. work 4 rounds and fasten off

    Fez using red
    1. chain 2, 6sc in 2nd chain
    2. increase in each sc - 12sc
    3. work 1 round back loops only
    4. work 3 rounds though both loops and fasten off

    to make up

    stuff head making sure you get the filling into the corners, and sew up the bottom seam making sure the corners are even. Embroider face using black and pink wool. if you check for game screenshots there are a few expressions, an open smiley mouth showing tongue is one of the more complicated ones but it worked for me :-). Note that the eyes are about half way down the head with the mouth JUST below that level

    sew head to neck ... pin 1st to make sure you get it centered properly

    stuff the arms and position and sew them onto the body ... top of arms approx between the first 2 decrease rounds at the shoulders

    to make the fez tassle use 2 x 20cm strands of yellow dk, fold in half and make a big knot at the fold (overhand the end 3 or 4 times) thread the loose ends through the center top of the red fez (use tapestry needle) and pull the fez starting end tight so the hole closes fully around the tassle. use this red thread to secure the tassle firmer if you wish with a couple of stitches on the inside. Trim the loose ends neatly as in picture to make tassel. push a little stuffing into the fez and position and sew to the top of the head.

    If you do make one i would love it if you could link it on Ravelry ... many thanks :D

    please let me know if anything is not understandable or you feel something is wrong

    I am in no way affiliated with either the makers of the game or Xbox. This is a free fan art pattern.

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