Saturday 21 April 2012

Cockroach Free Pattern

The original inspiration for this was Spawn 2s love of the wee bug that was Wall-Es friend in the film ... he's terrified of anything other than ants, but loves this :D. It's pretty much any yarn with a hook a little smaller than the suggested to help prevent the stuffing showing through. The one in the pictures was done using chunky wool (about 20g of yarn i think) and a 4mm hook, but I've also done a Double Knitting (about 15g) version using a 3mm hook ... tension isnt really important for this. Anyway, freebie pattern time...


Oddments of bug coloured yarn
crochet hook a size smaller than yarn suggests (see above)
a yard of black yarn for eyes/mouth embroidery (or beads for eyes if not for a small child)
a little filling
tapestry needle


worked in american terms... eg single crochet on this pattern is a UK/Aus double crochet. Worked in a spiral, ie do not slip join rounds or chain to next row, continue in next stitch, a row marker is helpful to define round start point.


starting at head end

 1. Chain 2, work 6 sc into 2nd chain from hook
 2. (inc,inc,sc) twice - 10sc
 3. (sc, inc, sc, inc, sc) twice - 14sc
 4. to 7. work 4 rounds straight (ie 1sc into each sc)
 8. inc in each of the next 4 sc, sc to end - 18sc
 9. work 1 round
10. (inc, inc, work 7sc) twice - 22sc
11. to 18. work 8 rounds straight on these 22sc
19. work 1sc, (dec, work 3sc) to last sc, work 1 - 18sc
20. (dec, work 4sc) to end - 15sc
21. (dec, work 3sc) to end - 12sc ... stuff now for ease
22. (dec, work 2sc) to end - 9sc
23. work dec 4 times, sc in final sc - 5sc
fasten off leaving a thread for closing. push in a little more filling if needed, thread yarn through the stitches  and pull tight to close hole

wings make 2 starting at tip

 1. chain 2, work 4sc in 2nd chain from hook
 2. (inc, sc,) twice - 6sc
 3. work 1 round straight
 4. (2sc, inc) twice - 8sc
 5. (3sc, inc) twice - 10sc
 6. (4sc, inc) twice - 12sc
 7. to 14. work 8 rounds straight
15. (sc, dec) to end - 8sc
16. (sc, sc, dec) twice - 6sc
fasten off leaving a long thread to attach to body. do not stuff, flatten wing and pin in place on back behind "bump" made by the increases on row 8 of body. I sit them on so the very tips are slightly separate, attach behind head and secure in placewith a couple of stitches about 3-4 rows down the wing, this way they dont flap about too loosely.

sew on the face leaving at least 2 rows between the wings and the eyes to allow for feeler placement. loads of artistic license here to do what you feels looks best. As mine was for a 3yr old I gave him a smile :D

feelers make 2

chain 14, slip stitch into 2nd chain from hook then slipstitch into every other chain, fasten off leaving long thread to attach to head. Sew to head between the wings and eyes ... point them forward or back as you see fit. I positioned mine forwards.

legs make 6

chain 9, slip stitch into 2nd chain from hook then slipstitch into every other chain, fasten off leaving long thread to attach to body. Turn bug upside down and for ease mark center line with a pin (optional, you can use your own eye judgement if you want) ... attach 3 legs to either side of the center line as shown in the picture below

Sew any loose ends you may still have thru the body and snip off neatly, and ta-da finished bug

Hand to happy recipient

Pattern page can be found on Ravelry ... if you make one I would love it if you could link it.
Thank you xxx


  1. Very good I like this is special kisses Pa-Q

  2. Wonderfull, Bug Boys delight..

  3. Hi,

    I love this pattern - it's beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it. You're blog is amazing. So many wonderful pattern!

    You can see my finished cockroach here: