Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Riddler inspired Toddler Mitts Free Pattern

I do love toddler mitts... a pair can be whizzed up in less than a couple of hours and no shaping needed. If you can do the basics these are easy peasy. For a one colour set follow the stitch count, ribbing and stocking stitch plain for the 16 rows the colourwork in the pattern below. Please note the instrusctions about where to start the colourwork, this will ensure the details are on the back of the hands.


4mm straight needles
Double Knitting Yarn in green and black,
(about 15grams green and 3 or 4 yards maximum of black, I havnt measured exact but it's very little of each)
the "?" chart below
tapestry needle


make 2, 1 with pattern at start of row, 1 with pattern starting 1/2 way along as described below

 using green cast on 32 sts

work K1,P1 rib for 12 rows
Purl 1 row (this gives a "clean" edge before the colourwork)
beginning with a K row work in stocking stitch for 16 rows working the "?" in black, twisting yarn behind work to prevent holes.

for the left hand work row 1 of the chart from the start of the row ... eg k7green, 2 black, k green to end. this will position the ? on the back of the hand when sewn up

for the right hand k 16 green, then work the 16sts of colourwork ... eg k23 (16+7) green, 2 black, k green to end. this will position the ? on the other side of the mitt and therefore will also be on the back of the hand when sewn up

the colourwork ends on a K row so again to keep a clean edge between the colourwork and the rib...

P 1 row

work a further 8 rows of K1,P1 rib, cast off in rib

Sew in the contrast ends neatly, then join the side seams leaving a gap of around6 or 7 rows for the thumb. I find starting the gap about 3 or 4 rows of stocking stitch down from the fingers end works quite well. See picture below for a visual description

Finally pop them on. I have them pictured below on my nearly 4yr old, they are quite stretchy so I would imagine they would fit up to at least 6, maybe a bit older. They can easily be made a little wider by adding a couple of stitches or upping the needle size... for example a 5mm needle using 36sts will fit a adult female hand. Also for a little longer and extra row or two on either rib band or on the plain stocking stitch rows.

Remember when adding on stitches this will change the position of the colourwork, please account for that as evenly as you can  ... eg if working on 36sts there is 18sts on each side, so add 1 stitch on either side of the chart

Please link to Ravelry if you make some...thanks :D

BASIC PATTERN with some size examples

X= whatever number of stitches YOU need it to be depending on varying factors of hand circumference and needle size. If unsure make a quick tension square to check.

Cast on 32/34/36/X sts on 4/5mm needles
work 12 rows 1x1rib
work 18/22/24/X rows stocking stitch
work 8 more rows 1x1rib

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