Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tooka Doll from The Clone Wars

My youngest is a bit of a Star Wars fan and I do have The Star Wars Craft Book.

In it is a felt Tooka Doll that he was pretty drawn too,it was one of a few pages he turned to ... until reading this book I had no idea what it was and then after a bit of extra searching thru among places The Wookieepedia I thought that as i was not much of a felt person (my two would rip felt things to bits lol) I would give knitting one a go

So here it is. I feel this one is a little long on the arm and "ears" (I know Twi'leks long thingys are not their ears but i dunno what else to call them), so I'll procede soon on a second draft with slightly quicker decreases... but I'm pretty chuffed with the first attempt, and so is my youngest, and although it has not managed to replace Teddy, it has got pride of place on the bedside unit

Pattern to follow

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