Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Brians Snake

Not so teeny, but i think he belongs here...babywipe packet for size.

I can't give a specific pattern, but crochet spiral with even increases for the head, then in back and forth rows for the coloured stripes, then spiral with decreasing for the tail end...i can tell you the body was 52 stitches with a 4mm hook, using DK wool and US single/UK double crochet for the stitch.

 4 stitch split to two lots of 2 stitch,then dec to 1st to create the forked tongue

Felt ovals for the eyes...stitched on as it's for a toddler

All wrapped around a well stuffed leg of tights...well actually it's 3 layers of tights filled with bean bag beans,but you get the idea.

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