Friday, 8 August 2014

I'll be back ... okay so i never really went away but the title will make sense further down :D

Around 4 years ago there was a few of us who blethered away regularly on the Red Bull F1 teams forums. There were a few competitions put on and that inspired me (with a few other influences) to make the Motorsport Dudes

Time has continued, faces have come and gone ... but every once in a while something works it's way onto your newsfeed or a blogpost and you think ... OH, I could do that.

So what has been the creative kick up the jacksie... THIS circulating again after Toto Wolff took a tumble off his bike and ended up with metal holding his wrist back together with the #Totonator tag

OOOOOHHHHH .... i have silver yarn said the wee seed that popped into the brain ... and in between the other ridiculous amount of projects i already have started I felt it was a great idea to just add another one to them :D

So for the last couple of days, I've taken the odd few minutes here and there and come up with

The Wolffs

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