Thursday, 4 September 2014

Free Pattern Tiny Crochet Xmas Wreath

 Perfect as a tree decoration using oddments, or for leaving little seaonal  yarnbombs around your town

For the pictures I used an Aran weight (worsted/10ply) dark green yarn and a 5mm hook, but changing the yarn weight and hook size will determine the size. ie if you would like REALLY small ones using 4ply and a 2.5 hook, for larger use a bulky yarn and a 7mm or larger hook. You may also need to add or remove a DC or so at stage 3 to get a neat round wreath.

American terms used, for UK use Treble Crochet instead of DCs at stage 2 and 3

1. Chain 4, slip stitch into 1st chain to make a circle, chain 2

2. work a double crochet into the middle of the circle

3. Work a further 19 DC into the circle (total 20DC and the 2 chain)

4. Slip stitch into the top of the1st DC ... sew ends in neatly at back

5. Cut a length of contrast yarn for bow, knot around one of the DC make a bow, pull the bow loops to size and neaten.
Double knot the bow again to secure firmer if wished. Cut a length of contrast yarn for hanging (about 20cm), hold yarn in center and feed through top edge opposite the bow, pull both ends through loop and pull tight to create a hitch knot

6. either leave hanging loop ends open to tie to tree or knot ends together to create a loop. Further decorate with some glue and glitter or sequins if desired for that snowy/iced effect

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